Organization of Ministry of Labour, Cooperatives and Social Welfare 
The Ministry of CLS consists of ministry propers, affiliated organizations, high councils and local (provincial) branches, the ministry proper consists of the ministry secretariat and 8 Deputies includes: 
Deputy of Management and Resources Development,
Deputy of Economic Affairs,
Deputy of Social and Cultural Affairs, 
Deputy of Entrepreneurship and Employment, 
Deputy of Work Relations, 
Deputy of Social Welfare, 
Deputy of Cooperative Affairs and 
Deputy of Parliamentary, Legal and Provinces Affairs. 

3 Offices includes: 
Office of Public Relation, 
Office of International Affairs and 
The Office of Ombudsman 

3 Centers includes: 
The Statistics and Strategic Information Center, 
Security Center and 
IT, Communication and Administrative Reform Center.

6 Councils, includes: 
Labour High Council, 
Welfare and Social Security High Council, 
Technical Protection High Council, 
Aging High Council, 
Health Insurance Service High Council, 
Employment High Council, 
And "Cooperative Room".

And 8 Affiliated Organizations