The government approved an increase in the cost of housing for workers in 1398

The government approved an increase in the cost of housing for workers in 1398
According to the Ministry of Cooperatives 'Public Relations and Information Center, Social Work and Social Welfare, according to the State Gazette, with the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, the monthly allowance for workers' housing increased from 400,000 rials to one million rials for 1398. 
Assigning credit to deal with the locusts pest in the southern provinces of the country 
The government agreed to allocate 100 billion rials to the State Plant Protection Organization to deal with a locusts pest in the southern provinces of the country. 
Review and approval of a number of transparency bill materials in the government 
At today's session, the government has adopted a number of Transparency bill materials aimed at enhancing the level of transparency, supporting and strengthening it, and achieving a healthy and dynamic economy. 
According to the bill, the information, qualifications, behaviors and practices of institutions subject to appropriate and appropriate quality are subject to access and use by interested parties or the general public or regulatory authorities. 
The transparency bill focuses on the two levels of general and specific assignments of the most important areas of transparency, which are divided into three categories: Transparency of duties, powers, mandates and competencies, Transparency of organizational processes, including rules of conduct and decisions, and " Transparency of Organizational Information "has been categorized. 
The bill encompasses most areas of public affairs, including economic, social, political and cultural affairs. 
Approval of the Code of Conduct for Compulsory Insurance of Third-Party Damages 
Following on today's meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers passed the Executive Code of the Law on Compulsory Insurance for damages caused to third parties due to accidents caused by vehicles. 
Definition of instances of defaults or offenses (offenses against the law), penalties and how they are applied (in proportion to the type of default or violation, its multiplicity and repetition), and the quality of the proceedings, and the decision and objection to the decision, are made in accordance with this regulation. 
Increase in the fine of publishers of securities and financial institutions and their constituent entities. 
With the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, the amount of cash crimes committed by violators of securities issuers, financial institutions and self-regulatory organizations and their directors increased by 28%. 
According to the bill, the minimum fine was 32 million rials and the maximum amount was 3 billion 200 million rials. 
It should be noted that cash penalties are adjusted every three years in line with the growth of the index of prices for goods and services consumed by the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, moderated by the proposal of the Supreme Council of Securities and Securities and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.
Apr 29, 2019 11:21


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